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The Alliance was founded in 2010 in response to the words of the Holy Spirit. However, the concept was birthed in 2002 when Crossfire Church (the local outreach of Deborah Ministries International) was established, with the vision of many outlets of Good News going forth to bring grace and peace to the nations.

In late 2009 several prophetic words for Deborah and Harvey brought forth this original vision in new form. Harvey and Deborah had confirming words from people who knew little or nothing about Deborah Ministries International (DMI) or Crossfire Church. Those words confirmed the mandate to launch an apostolic initiative advancing the kingdom of God and bringing apostolic and prophetic gifting to leaders of ministries and churches in many nations. The timing of this initiative was unclear until New Year's Eve 2009 when the Holy Spirit declared through prophetic words that it was time to move forward and God had, in fact already started it.

Through prayer and prophecy, the name and the mission have been clarified. We are to be an alliance. This is more than simply a fellowship of ministries or a network of relationships, but an alliance of many to bring forth "kingdom thinking" to the church. Through prayer there came a strong sense of grace, yet the edge of being fierce in advancing the kingdom of Jesus Christ on earth. Since much of current day ministry growth is based on building individual kingdoms, it became clear that the Alliance is to advance God's kingdom only. While we will build individual leaders in ministry, we do so for His kingdom purposes.

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