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Welcome to the CFIA page for The Remnant of God.

The Remnant of God is a group of people who have set themselves apart for the Kingdom of God.  Check out our resources below to see if you are part of God’s remnant.

CrossFire International Alliance

Advancing His Kingdom In The Last Days

Who Is Part of the Remnant?

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What is The Remnant?

The Remnant is a Biblical concept that is described frequently in the Old and New Testaments.  In this season, The Remnant is a group of people who desire to go higher and deeper with God.  They have set themselves apart from the cultural climate and are willing to pay the price that comes with identifying with the Cross instead of identifying with the culture.  Many times, those who identify with the remnant feel out of place around those who desire a lighter form of Christianity.  They can even have difficulty finding a church that meets their spiritual needs.  Many times, they seek additional spiritual input from sources outside their church, or even stop going to church altogether. If any of this describes your experiences, browse this page.  We have resources available in order to sow into you spiritually.  If you desire, we would like to help you get connected with a Remnant Church in your area.

The culture in every church differs in order to accommodate the niche and call that God has placed on each body.  However, there are several consistencies among remnant churches.  One of these similarities is the willingness of the church leadership to go deeper into the things of God in every area of the church.  The leadership is willing to bring the whole Word of God in order to satiate the hunger of the remnant for meat instead of just satiating the taste for milk.

In Remnant Churches, worship is given it’s proper place.  It is not confined to a short time window and not allowed to grow and move with the Holy Spirit.  The Prophetic voice is given place in Remnant Churches in order keep in step with the Spirit.  Remnant worship is ever changing, free to move and grow with the Holy Spirit.

Remnant Churches understand a Kingdom Focus.  They answer the need that is placed in the heart of The Remnant, the need to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.  These churches are rarely seeker-friendly, mainly because an understanding of the Kingdom of God requires an advanced perspective, one that advances the Kingdom instead of advancing self.  Although seeker friendly churches serve a valuable role in that they usher the lost into the body of Christ, more seasoned believers start to outgrow what a seeker-friendly church can offer.

If you believe your church is a Remnant church, we would like to connect with you.  We would like to keep your information on file in order to refer remnant believers in your area to your church.  Also, we would love it if you would consider applying to become a part of CFIA, a network of churches and ministries committed to advancing the Kingdom of God.  For more information on becoming a part of CFIA click here.  Also, please fill out the adjacent form so we can connect with you! >

Pastors and Leadership

Is Your Church a Remnant Church?


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Listen to this full-length audio message where Harvey Wittmier initially imparted the vision for The Remnant to his own church, Crossfire Church, in Englewood, CO.  The Holy Spirit gave Harvey and Deborah the revelation of The Remnant in mid-2012.  After they had been preaching it for some time, we began to notice the message popping up all over the world, in places unrelated to our small suburban church.  It became even clearer that the Holy Spirit is ushering in this new season, and answering the cry in the hearts of The Remnant.







Fill out the form below to get connected to other members of the body of Christ.  If you are looking for a church, we will recommend one if we know of one in your area.  If you are a church leader, we would love to be a part of building you up so you can pour into the Remnant of the body of Christ.  

Remnant Churches Go Deeper

Worship Is a Priority

A Kingdom Focus

We Would like to connect with You!

The Remnant

The Firing Line is the publication for Crossfire Church in Englewood, CO.

This is the first article Harvey Wittmier published for his own church in Englewood, CO, describing The Remnant.

Read it here.

Joy: Provision for the Remnant

The Firing Line is the publication for Crossfire Church in Englewood, CO.

Joy is God’s provision for the remnant to raise up a standard against the moral depravity of the culture with a Kingdom focus and a joyful spirit.  Katie Noel (article author) attends Crossfire Church and identifies with the remnant mindset.

Read it here.

The Remnant is Rising

The Firing Line is the publication for Crossfire Church in Englewood, CO.

In this article, Harvey describes the rising of The Remnant in nations all over the world!

Read it here.

Prophetic Promise...

The Firing Line is the publication for Crossfire Church in Englewood, CO.

In this article, Pastor Harvey showcases the importance of the remnant to the heart of the Father through the story of Joseph.

Read it here.

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Our Remnant Church

Crossfire Church, Englewood, CO

To visit the website for Crossfire Church, click the link below.


Across The World...

Crossfire Get Connected


Crossfire Church is the local ministry outlet of CrossFire International Alliance.  We have two additional CrossFire Churches in Uganda, and over 200 ministry partners around the globe.  In the U.S. We have been blessed to be used of God to help initiate a new worship plant, “The Remnant” in North Dakota.  Beyond our own ministries,   many more who identify with the remnant perspective are popping up all over the world.  It is so important to be connected to a church body.  Paul exhorted believers not to forsake gathering together. Let us help you get connected!

Deborah gives


of the remnant.

Harvey gives a five minute

video introduction to the

concept of the remnant.