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Bismarck, North Dakota|

To train passionate, action-minded believers to live the great commission; serving and ministering through their knowledge, gifts, talents, perseverance, work, and finances to advance the Kingdom of God; going and making disciples of all nations.

Every City, Every Nation



CFIA - The Training Center

To move students from ‘I want to ______’ to ‘I am ________.’  This training center activates the willing, compelled, and passionate; those who will DO SOMETHING WITH THEIR KNOWLEDGE.

Training Vision

Jesus left us with His great commission to preach the Good News and make disciples in all nations (Matt. 28:19, 20; Mk. 16:15: Luke 24:46,47). While most believers have some basic knowledge of scripture, spiritual principles, gifts of the Spirit, etc. only a remnant apply them daily and weekly inside or outside a church setting.  The Church has many converts but few disciples; many hearers, few doers. Many confine their spirituality to comfort zones designed by society, the church, and fostered by the enemy- keeping their faith in comfortable boxes, but demonstrating limited effectiveness for the Kingdom.  The divine plan in the Kingdom of God is to move from converts to commissioning, from knowledge to action, and from theory to practice, from ‘I want to’ to ‘I am’.

IMost teaching will be by video, but will include periodic personal meetings with and teaching of students enrolled in the center.  Harvey and Deborah will be travelling frequently to fulfil this intent.

Training Curriculum

The training will be a launching point to action; first, personal internal action within the student’s heart, and second, external action in how they ‘live and move and have their very being’ on a daily basis. The video and classroom teaching will be a catalyst for lively, interactive discussion with the center directors who will serve as hands-on facilitators and personal coaches for students. Students can enroll irrespective of their current involvement or lack of involvement in any local church or other ministry.

Every student must complete an international ministry trip with Deborah Ministries International before certification of completion. The center has ministry contacts and venues in 21 countries with varied opportunities for every student to reach beyond the walls to the world. DMI, Crossfire Church, and CrossFire International Alliance have individuals and groups going on a regular basis.

If you would like more information about the CFIA training center, or to learn about other meetings near Bismarck, ND, contact Audrey Wilhelm.  Audrey Recently graduated from the training center and took over as the director.  She would love to hear from you and give you more information!

Audrey Wilhelm - Director CFIA North Dakota Training Center

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Above: the most recent graduates, Trish Lenihan (left) and Jane Enyart.

Above: Harvey awarding Trish Lenihan with her graduation certificate.

Guess what! All of the content for the training center is on DVD.  With 39 hours of training, taught by Harvey and Deborah, you will feel like you are getting the training you need from your living room!  If you have a congregation or a ministry team that could benefit from additional leadership training, look no further! Facilitate the sessions using the DVD’s and each student can have their own copy of the full training syllabus, with notes and discussion questions!

New to CFIA this year are Two Week Intensives. These are two week schools taught by Harvey and Deborah.  The schools are compiled of the same course content as the training center with some interesting additions.  These will be held internationally twice per year.  One school will be held in Asia, the other in Africa.  For now, the attendees of the international schools are by invitation only.  If you are located within the US and would like Harvey and Deborah to teach a Two Week Intensive for your group, click below.

Domestic Two Week Intensives


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